Renaven (Kidney Complex)


Quantum Kidney Complex 60 Vcaps

All these great nutrients in one formula Grade A Japanese Agaricus Bisporus Extract Low-temperature, patented process, concentrated mushroom extract Famous for cleansing and strengthening the kidneys * Helps dramatically clear foul breath and body odor* Helps clear putrid odors in the digestive tract* Not solvent-extracted, highly heated or pesticided; no hybrid varieties Grade A Chinese Cordyceps Extract Specially fermented mycelial mushroom extract Contains a minimum of 15% adenosine (a key highly active compound), up to 100 times more potent than other extracts Famous kidney, lung and liver tonic* Using this herb, women runners shattered 9 world records (1993). For superior results, this extract is made from mycelia (a special part of the mushroom) which has been specially fermented, not just whole mushroom powder. Grade 10 Indian Coriander Seed Famous ancient Ayurvedic herb to tonify and nourish the kidneys* Rated as a "satvic" herb: the highest category of herbs Specially grown in India in rich soil,S miles away from any road; meticulously harvested by traditional Indian Ayurvedic herbal masters No weak, toxic, pesticided or hybrid varieties Grade 10 European Vegetable Extracts Premier quality, low-temperature, nonhybrid vegetable extracts of asparagus, celery, beet and Iycopene (from tomato) These extracts contain powerful phytonutrients which strengthen the kidneys as well as modulate the immune and endocrine systems.* No weak, toxic, pesticided or solvent-extracted American vegetable extracts Grade 10 Indian Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) World-famous for whole-body rejuvenation by protein/enzyme activation* Helps strengthen kidney and liver* The correct species of Noni Specially grown in the deep forests of India, 5 miles away from any road; meticulously harvested by traditional Ayurvedic herbal masters (low-temperature, air-dried) No solvents,fumigants, toxic flavorings or commercial fruit Juice Premier Quality, European Beta-Sitosterol and Related Sterols Newly discovered, careful low-temperature processing of European plant sterols Famous plant hormones which help regulate and enhance kidney and immune function* No high heat or freeze-drying which destroy the glucosides attached to the sterols No weak, toxic, pesticided or solvent-extracted plant sterols Quantum Quality Quantum Kidney Complex is the result of our relentless research to find the ideal phytonutrient synergists which, when combined together, provide clinically proven, extraordinary support for the kidney and kidney meridian. *

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